Kwesi Botchway Ghanaian, b. 1994


Botchway is interested in depicting compelling figurative portrait paintings from different generations. His point of focus is the Eyes, Nose and Mouth which is where our emotions are best portrayed, Botchway also believes it helps us better visually experience one another's feelings; an exchange of information without using words.

His Paintings help create an intriguing dialogue between the subject's message and the viewer. Botchway work compels the viewer to become physically and emotionally invested in the subject's story. He aims to capture the spirit, essence and heritage of his subjects and use this as an opportunity to lend the world a glance into the lives and struggles of people whose stories are yet to be fully told.

His paintings are meant to trigger emotions of pride or shame, honor or disgust and sometimes even humor, It's all about the story of his subjects, which words cannot fully explain.


Born in Accra, Ghana in 1994, Kwesi Botchway studied Art at the Ghanatta College of Art and Design before enrolling at the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. Combining realism and impressionism, he refers to his style as Afro-Impressionism. In January 2020, Botchway was invited to take part in the Gallery 1957 residency programme in Ghana resulting in his first solo exhibition titled Dark Purple is Everything Black curated by Katherine Finerty at the Ghana Gallery, followed by Becoming as Well as Being in Gallery 1957 London curated by Ekow Eshun. He had a great number of shows in Ghana and Europe, with three solo shows.

Among his passions, he has also developed a strong interest in photography and graphic designing. Kwesi Botchway is the Founder of WorldFaze Art Studio in Accra, an artist studio and residency space focusing on supporting young artists locally, opened in 2011.

He is currently collaborating with international galleries such as Gallery 1957, in Ghana and London, and Maruani Mercier Gallery in Belgium. He has been nominated for GUBA Awards USA Nominee as Influential Artist in 2019 and appeared in many renowned papers and magazines in 2021: Financial Times, Flash Art, The Art Newspaper, Vogue, Stylist, ArtNews. He has also had been mentioned in publications such as ‘African Artists From 1882 to Now’ (Phaidon, p.60, 2021) and had a featured magazine issue with Elephant (Issue 45, 2021).

His works are today part of important private and public collections locally and internationally.

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