Artist Talk: Dark Purple Is Everything Black

Enjoy a 30 minute virtual Q+A with artist Kwesi Botchway and curator Katherine Finerty, who wrote the exhibition essay for Kwesi's recently opened solo show 'Dark Purple is Everything Black' at Gallery 1957.

Katherine and Kwesi have been in conversation for the past year about this new body of work and the exciting transition in Kwesi's portraiture painting practice in which combining realism and impressionism forms a new visual language about colour, identity, and representation. In this Q+A session they cover Kwesi's journey as an artist, his evolving technical practice, how he seeks to redefine notions of beauty and culture, and what it's like to be embracing news ways of communicating and gathering in the unique conditions of our time.

Part 1 of the conversation includes:
00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Meet the Artist: Kwesi
04:45 – Meet the Writer: Katherine
06:55 – Earlier Work
09:20 – Newer Series
12:55 – Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

Part 2 of the conversation includes:
‪00:05 – Behind The Scenes‬
‪02:00 – Cultural Representation‬
‪05:00 – Art Heroes‬
‪07:35 – Self-Portrait‬
11 :05 – What's Next
13:40 – Thank You

25 Jun 2021