Serge Attukwei- Clottey 'Distinctive Gestures' : London

5 Aug - 30 Sep 2021

Gallery 1957 London is pleased to present DISTINCTIVE GESTURES, an exhibition of works by Serge Attukwei Clottey. 

Described as his immediate translation of the body observed on social media, this selection of work by Clottey explores themes of identity and the politics behind body language. Examining both subjects he knows personally and those parasocial relationships he has cultivated via social media Clottey compares the expression and gesture of subjects from the 1950’s and 60’s to those of today. 

Showing for the first time in London, The Tondos series reinterpret the body language and facial gestures of mid century black and white photography in intimate Ghanaian spaces such as barbering salons. These spaces are known even today to foster uniquely intimate social relationships and serve as sites for community building and gathering. Through Clottey’s work we are invited to reflect on the expressions of men at the middle of the century. 

 In the “Sex and Politics” pastel drawings Clottey reflects on his own social media engagement and its proliferation of one-sided relationships where on one end a persona can be cultivated by an “influencer” or “user” and is received on the other by a “follower.” In “To Be A Man” the artist abstracts the tendency of western ideals of masculinity spread by social media to influence the preoccupation of contemporary men living in countries such as Ghana and the Congo with new ways of communicating wealth and virility. 

This is Clottey's first solo show at Gallery 1957's London outpost and is part of the gallery's five year anniversary celebrations, the exhibition continues until the 10th September.


Installation Views