Nadia Waheed b. 1992


Nadia Waheed makes partially autobiographical large scale allegorical figurative paintings that explore female selfhood, choice, and cultural trauma. Through the female body and cultural iconography, Nadia Waheed’s paintings explore dichotomies present in her own life as well as those that affect the female experience, one that forces women to navigate through the unrealistic, and often contradictory, expectations from others. Originally from Pakistan, and now based in Austin, Texas, the artist has lived all over the world, with her artistic practice providing the space for her to claim agency and be her true self, shying away from judgment.

Anxiety Drawing II, 2021

Nadia Waheed (b. 1992) was born to Pakistani parents in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, but has lived in multiple countries — France, Egypt, Pakistan – before her family settled down in Austin in 2005. The intricacies in her work reflect her own global exposure; the women in her paintings wear elaborate braids reminiscent of a rhythmic flow of life and maturity of thought. Her paintings are typically large scale allegorical figurative paintings that are partially autobiographical and explore female selfhood, vulnerability, and cultural trauma.