Eric Adjei Tawiah b. 1987


In his new body of work, Eric Adjei Tawiah offers a celebration of camaraderie, friendship, family and major public figures, both living and deceased, during a moment when human kinship is needed more than ever. Tawiah resurrects the spirit of people, things and events that have since past and imbues them with new life—with a loving and immortal presence. Depicted regularly by Tawiah, his friends are also practicing artists who are currently studying fine art at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. Tawiah captures them on Accra’s famed Labadi beach strolling hand clasped in hand dressed in fashionable attire once worn by his grandfather.
On the inclusion of floral elements, the artist explains, “These are flowers that I saw when my mother’s body was being put into her grave,” he explains. “They are flowers people threw at her form as it was being lowered into the ground as a sign of respect. I remember all of the flowers I saw on the graves at the cemetery.” A rich use of flowers in these new works thus refer to the joy of living, the beauty of the natural world and commemoration for those no longer with us.


Eric Adjei Tawiah (b. 1987) is a Ghanaian artist known and revered for his unique approach of using nylon sponge for vibrant figurative representations. His unique technique which he has labelled “Sponge Martial” – is a practice inspired by the cleansing of his mother’s corpse in the mortuary. Tawiah channels this idea of cleansing through his work, the bright, vibrant colours a representation of the bright moments that follow the darker times in life. Tawiah hopes by developing his artistic voice - his work will serve as a source of inspiration to humanity through times of affliction.

Eric Adjei Tawiah was an alumnus of the prestigious Ghanatta College of Art and Design in Accra, Ghana. He now lives and works in Accra, where he is inspired by his community and surroundings. Tawiah will have his first solo exhibition with Gallery 1957 in London this January 2022, and had already numerous shows in Ghana and very recently in the USA (New York and Los Angeles), one of them Self-Addressed being curated by Kehinde Wiley. He has been mentioned in renowned papers such as Flash Art, New York Times and Fad Magazine.

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