Jonathan Okoronkwo

Jonathan’s creative process is of unique kind and so are, ultimately, his works of art.
First he scavenges for found mechanical objects and used motor oil in scrap yards. Then like an artist-magician in the studio, he mixes different mechanical fluids with different types of acids to melt, burn and dissolve scrap metal through a of series of mildly explosive chemical reactions in which he re-elaborates his prime material: used engine oil.
With this dense oil, Jonathan creates an intricate and complex visual language, presenting dystopian labyrinths of digitally remixed mechanical elements on prefabricated wooden slabs that absorb the oil while leaving dark engine residues on their surfaces. Jonathan’s processes, experiments and his eventual findings/results are driven by a strong fascination with the state of obsolescence of machines and what possibilities lie beyond the ‘grave’ for them.