Cornelius Annor - A Family Affair

Gallery 1957 are pleased to present works by Ghanaian artist Cornelius Annor in his first solo show,

‘A Family Affair’ in Accra from January 27 to February 28 2021.

In his multi-figured paintings, Cornelius Annor explores his familial history, draws from his childhood memories and depicts scenes of a vibrant everyday life. The protagonists are often staged in distinctively ghanaian domestic settings and offer a glimpse to very intimate moments of gathering, leisure and entertainment. Whether reading bedtime stories, watching the TV, dining or relaxing, Annor’s figures lean on each other with warmth and generosity. These seemingly mundane moments of familiarity encourage the eye to drift on the canvas and the fabric, and to pay attention to the details of his fabric transfer technique. Similar to photographs that obtain texture over time, Annor’s paintings encompass the past and the present by creating a dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity, older and younger generations.

Cornelius Annor (b.1990) is a  portrait and figurative painter and an art teacher. He completed his fine art studies at Ghanatta College of Art and Design. From an early age, Annor had a strong fascination for the human face and figure and constantly sketched the faces of his family, friends and even strangers he encountered. With the encouragement of his college art teachers and family, Annor fully realized that his career was evolving around portraiture and figuration. Annor has a keen sense of observation, and an ability to bring out the beauty of a human figure. C.Annor studio is used to nurture the talents in young and upcoming artists.