Salah Elmur

Memories from a Tin Box
Salah Elmur: Memories from a Tin Box
Publisher: Concord Press
Dimensions: 30,6 x 24 cm
Pages: 218
£ 40.00

This catalogue titled ‘Memories from a Tin Box’ was published in 2023 on the occasion of the exhibition 'Central Electricity and Water Administration at Gallery 1957 and Vigo Gallery in London.


This 218-pages catalogue features works by Salah Elmur, some archival photography as well as images from his sketchbooks. They are accompanied by essays and notes written by Mary Aravanis and Michael Obert.


Painting Photography: Emad Adb-Elhady

Printed by: Concord Press, Cairo, Egypt

Design: Ragea Abd Allah Mostafa