Gideon Appah

Love Letters
Gideon Appah: Love Letters
Publisher: Gallery 1957
Dimensions: 200x260mm
Pages: 52
£ 30.00

This catalogue was published in 2021 on the occasion of the exhibition Love Letters at Gallery 1957, Accra, Ghana, and the exhibtion South Facing South at Gallery 1957, London. This 52-pages publication features works by Gideon Appah, accompanied by a Q and A with the artist and the American curator Danny Dunson and a text and quotes by British curator Katherine Finerty and Ghanaian curator Michael Babanawo.


Photography by: Ric Bower, Nii Odzenma, Michael Lokko

Printed by: DG3 Leycol, London, UK

Designed by: Domenic Lippa, Josh Geoghegan Deo, at Pentagram