Tiffanie Delune joins Gallery 1957

Approaching my work with playfulness and an intuitive curiosity, I create multilayered pieces on cotton canvas, loose linen and smaller pieces of paper; inviting for a dialogue between the scale and the subject. Letting go of any inhibitions in the choice of materials, I long for textures, meanings and a sense of memory — from acrylic, oil pastels and papercuts to glitter and threads. In a conflicted world that feels deeply saturated, I put a special emphasis on sharing a blended, unfiltered narrative in all its depth and authenticity.’
— Tiffanie Delune


Tiffanie Delune is a Paris-born visual artist of French, Belgo-Congolese heritage, living in Lisbon, Portugal. Expanding from an initial focus on personal trauma and childhood experiences, Delune is interested in the magic of storytelling that engages conversations and evokes emotions.

Her first solo exhibition with the gallery takes place in 2023. Previous solo presentations include ‘See Me Flowing’, Band of Vices, Los Angeles, USA (2022); ‘There’s Gasoline in My Heart’, Foreign Agent, Lausanne, Switzerland (2022); ‘Seeds of Light’, Ed Cross Fine Art, London, UK (2020) and ‘Metamorphosis’, Someth1ng Gallery, London, UK (2019). Group exhibitions include, ‘UNLIMITED’, Gallery 1957, Accra, Ghana (2022); ‘The Storytellers’, Gallery 1957, London, UK (2022); ‘Mother Nature’, The Core Club, New York (2022); ‘Her Dark Materials’, Online with Eye Of The Huntress, London, (2021); ‘In The Beginning’, Online with Ed Cross Fine Art, London (2021); ‘Shape of the New’, Online with ArtCan, London (2021) and ‘In The Midst of All That Is’, Band of Vice, Los Angeles (2021).


In 2022, Delune was nominated for the 2023 Norval Sovereign African Art Prize. Between January and April 2023, the artist will be in residency with Gallery 1957, Accra. In 2021, Delune was nominated for the Reiffers Art Initiative Prize in Paris, France and in 2018, she completed a residency with 16/16 in Lagos, Nigeria. Delune has been featured on Forbes, BBC Radio London, The Financial Times, The Evening Standard, Cultured Magazine, Artillery Magazine and Artsy. Her work is held in various private collections and the permanent collections of the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art in Geneva, Switzerland as well as the Alexandra Cohen Presbytarian Hospital for Women and Newborns in New York and The Women’s Art Collection of the Murray Edwards College at Cambridge University, UK.

We look forward to having Delune in residency with the gallery and holding a solo exhibition with her in 2023, in Accra. The following year, the artist will have her sophomore exhibition in our London space.

22 Nov 2022