Ametefey Kukubor Ghanian, b. 1984

As a young boy, Amet (b. 1984) found drawing therapeutic – a hobby that served as an escape from the real world. Following his passion for drawing and portraiture, he enrolled in the acclaimed Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where he majored in painting. After graduating in 2007, Ametefe steadily progressed in his art career, exhibiting his works at the National Museum, African Regent Hotel, Golden Tulip Accra, Ghana and Novotel Accra City Center. He is currently living and working in Accra.

Amet’s work is influenced by his experiences and surrounding environment. Having lived in numerous vicinities in Accra over the years, Ametefey’s work has been heavily imprinted by the immense pool of memories of the different people and environments he’s encountered. He shares ideas and stories that celebrate existence, invoke thought and spark open-minded discussions. His technique employs expressionism and impressionism to depict his bitter-sweet narratives. His application of paint with squeegees of different sizes results in short tiles of acrylic paint, with which he forms his subjects. Ametefey’s work comprises of an undercoat and overcoat, with some portions of the main subject left untouched to expose the first coat- a style adopted to communicate the great influence our surroundings have on us, and how we are in one way or another, merged with our immediate environments.