Araba Opoku Ghanian, b. 1998


Born in May 1998, Araba is a multi-disciplinary artist whose art career brims with enthusiasm and promise. She belongs to an art collective based in Accra, Artemartis, where she serves both as an artist and its creative director. Araba is also currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of Ghana, Legon.
Through her art, Araba highlights the socio-economic issues faced in her home country, Ghana, with a focus on the problem of water scarcity in Accra. Her process begins with creating a digital image of her vision with technological tools that she recreates by undergoing a deep study of acrylic colors. She then executes her work with multiple layers of blue and green acrylic paint, introducing distorted subjects and texts that create a warped illusion of fluid motion and apparent depth. Physicality also plays an important role in Araba’s technique. By dripping diluted pigments over the canvas, she incorporates the beauty of its natural flow unto her art. Araba explains that she experiences the joy of abundance of water even as she works