Lauren Pearce American, b. 1988


Artist Statement: 

Over the last year I’ve consciously allowed myself the time to gracefully evolve, at my own pace and without fear of the harsh environments that I have found myself existing in. Scared to wither away back into the soil, back to where I came from. I deeply desired an awakening to a new version of myself, within motherhood and womanhood, within the complexities of my feminine and masculine energy. I yearned to grow deeper, build stronger roots. The blossom, the flower, a signifier to every part of my journey. Constantly regrowing and becoming anew.

I come back to the canvas to find liberation and peace within my healing. The canvas is my light, it is the warmth. Confronting what was and growing into what could be. With each piece it is a progression of self. Each flower that was chosen is a signifier of the parts of me that I choose to shed, that I choose to hold onto, and the parts that I know are still growing. Picking flowers native to Florida, Jamaica, and flowers that I remember growing outside my grandmothers living room window all represent the things that bring beauty and peace within and around me. 

Where You Go I Go, 2022

Lauren Pearce (b. 1988) is multi-media artist who lives and works in in Cleveland Ohio. Her output ranges from complex free hand drawings of varying sizes to outsized outdoor murals executed in vibrant colours. Also adept at portraiture, her versatility is reflected in the varied sizes these are executed in, from smaller intimate painting to canvases measuring nine by nine feet.

Ever cognisant of how her African American identity influences her practice, the artist has consciously tapped into her more expressive self, employing a wide range of materials, colours, and surface media in the production of her art. The free reign has resulted in a fuller expression of her views about her Jamaican heritage, wider racial politics, feminist ideology and motherhood.

Lauren Pearce is a full-time studio artist and had recent solo exhibitions in Cleveland and a very successful outing as part of Truth Be Me, a show celebrating black female creativity in New York.