Juwon Aderemi Nigeria, b. 2000


Juwon Aderemi (b.2000) is a Nigerian born artist. His practice is primarily centered around surrealistic figures and abstract realism to portray conversations that deals with culture and beliefs he is predominantly accustomed to. He works in an intuitive practice, primarily based in portraiture, privileging his Nigerian, Yoruba culture exploring intellectual discourses in Blackness and West African folklore and literature while affirming imagery that seeks to look inward rather than externally, for validation, status, and value. Working primarily with oil and charcoal on canvas, Aderemi ponders the simplicity of the human condition, a longing to incorporate more of the ancient past with modernity, through the lens of traditional and contemporary Nigerian notions of gender and beautification.


Juwon Aderemi's practice is primarily centered around surrealistic figures and abstract realism; working with various media to portray conversations that deals with culture and beliefs that he his predominantly accustomed to, while we live through the borrowed time of the world. Juwon creates his art based on his imaginations and observations of how things or personalities of different epochs can be put together to make a perfect sense in our current time. He works with charcoal and oil on canvas, while creating striking figures and fabrics to give life to his beliefs and culture.


Juwon Aderemi has had his work exhibited at various shows such as, BLACK VOICE/BLACK MICROCOSM show at CFhill, Sweden, COLLECTIVE REFLECTION, Gallery 1957, Ghana, 1-54 ArtFair, New York. This is his first solo exhibition with Gallery 1957.

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